U8-U15 Soccer Youth Travel Program

u8-u9 Teams

TESC uses a systematic curriculum for developing players at these age groups.  At U8 and U9 our focus is all about our players being masters of the ball.  Our training consists of teaching creative footskills, 1v1 moves, and agility with a ball.  Each player is taught to value keeping possession of the ball and to take risks in 1v1 situations throughout all parts of the field.  This is the cornerstone of our possession based brand of soccer.  When young players have this base, they are capable of playing at much higher levels in soccer.  At these age groups we discourage punting the ball from our GKs but instead dribbling and passing from the players.

  • Practice sessions are all TECHNICAL driven while keeping the players active with maximum EFFORT.
  • Our focus is on DEVELOPMENT over WINNING while continuing to learn and improve.
  • Positive learning environment based on specific, truthful, and positive feedback/praise.
  • Refuse to let mistakes (or fear of making mistakes) stop them.

U10-U15 teams

From U10-U15 our focus is on training small groups of players for success.  Training consists of small group tactics like 2v1 and 3v2 and some positional play.  Technical training is focused around performing skills faster in tighter spaces.  Older players will build in numbers to focus on larger systems of play at 9v9 and 11v11.  Focus throughout these age groups are to build possession out from our GK and to our defenders moving up the field.

At these ages some of our teams will begin to travel and play higher level state and regional level competitions as they become capable.
Examples of these tournaments are:  IYSA Premiership, IYSA State Cup and Presidents Cup.  In past years we have taken teams to USA Cup in Blaine, MN and on European Tours to Spain and Italy.

For more information please contact TESC Director of Coaching Karsten Roy at DOC@elmhurstsoccer.com