Future Opportunities

For the majority of youth soccer players in the US, the thought of playing college or professional soccer is unrealistic, or a non-priority. This section is dedicated to players who look beyond the barriers and have set goals to play at the highest level of their capabilities.

Illinois Olympic Development Program

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We are excited to announce that Team Elmhurst Soccer Club has partnered with Choose It Right, a web-based college match and education service that helps students, student-athletes and their families find the right college that best fits their unique academic, athletic and financial criteria.

Choose It Right is a truly unique company that offers Education about Higher Education. Meaning, it helps you to learn how to make better decisions about choosing a college, major and career path, as well as how to make the right choices about paying for college and loan borrowing.

This partnership enables us to provide you with the Showcase Plus package which includes your personalized Smart College Report, at NO cost to our families in our HS Program.

Students, student-athletes and their families use the Smart College Report as their own personalized college selection guide which includes all the information they need to help choose the right college.

For Students and Student-Athletes

The Showcase Plus package helps both the student-athlete looking to attend college, but not play sports, as well as the student-athlete looking to attend college plus play their sport.

For both, the Smart College Report can help you find and choose the right college!

Also included:

  • Step-by-Step How-To Videos
  • Progress Tracker

In addition, you'll receive:

  • 9 reVisions - (additional Smart College Reports)
  • Letter Templates - (for contacting Admissions Officers and College Coaches)
  • Administrative Directory - (Admissions Officers contact information)
  • Athletic Directory - (College Coaches contact information)
  • TESC HS Players - Freshman - Juniors will be receiving more information via email , etc.... from TESC and Choose it Right!!

We are excited about the opportunity of bringing this service to our club members in cooperation with Choose It Right.  We look forward to helping make a positive difference for you and your family!