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Team Elmhurst Soccer Club Coaching Staff

All TESC coaches are professionally licensed and have extensive youth soccer coaching experience.  The coaching staff provides high level soccer training based on the TESC curriculum which was developed by the club based on guidelines from the United States Soccer Federation.  The TESC curriculum places particular emphasis on individual player development and technical soccer skills.

  • Karsten Roy - Director of Coaching / U8B Select, U8B Premier, U18G Select - DOC@elmhurstsoccer.com
  • Emina Zvizdich - Technical Director / U9G Select, U9G Premier, U13G Select, U13G Premier‚Äč
  • Rene Castillo - Staff Coach - U9B Premier Green, U14B Select, U19B Select
  • Sara Creager - Staff Coach - U8 Girls
  • Michael Deslauriers - Staff Coach - U10B Select, U10B Premier
  • Steve Foster - Staff Coach - U12G Select, U14G Select
  • Jessie Kern Gossen - Staff Coach - U10G Select
  • Sergio Greco - Staff Coach - U14B Premier
  • Nick Janowitz - Staff Coach and Sports Performance/Fitness Coach
  • Ben Lewis - Staff Coach - U11G Select, U11G Premier, U17G Select
  • Kim Patterson - Staff Coach - U12G Premier
  • Daniel Sementuch - Staff Coach - U7 Academy, U8B Select, U8B Premier
  • Mike Tooley - Staff Coach - U9B Select, U9B Premier White, U11B Select, U11B Premier, U12B Premier
  • Ramon Uribe -  Staff Coach - U12B Select, U15G Select
  • Chris Van Duerm - Staff Coach - U9B Select, U9B Premier Green, U9B Premier White