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TESC Spring Tournaments

These are the tournaments that our teams will be applying for in the upcoming spring season.  More information will be coming out regarding opponents, game times, etc.  U10-U14 Select teams have two tournaments (State Cup, Illinois Cup, Presidents Cup, USA Cup, etc.) in the spring season based on their club fees.  U10-HS teams may be participating in at least one overnight tournament throughout the year.  

Boys Teams 1st Tournament Dates   Dates
U8 Boys     -  
U9 Boys Premier White     -  
U9 Boys Premier Green     -  
U9 Boys Select     -  
U10 Boys Select        
U11 Boys Premier    


U11 Boys Select        
U12 Boys Select        
U13 Boys Premier     -  
U13 Boys Select        
U15 Boys Select        
U16 Boys Select        
Girls Teams 1st Tournament Dates 2nd Tournament Dates
U8 Girls     -  
U9 Girls Premier     -  
U9 Girls Select     -  
U10 Girls Premier        
U10 Girls  Select     -  
U12  Girls Premier     -  
U12 Girls Select        
U13 Girls Select        
U14 Girls Select        
U15 Girls Select        
HS Teams - - - -